Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Is Your Country Safe to Live?

Iceland, credit to Kolla and Jóhanna

At least, there are two institutes measure the peace index to conclude whether one particular country is safe or dangerous to live. First is called as Economic and Peace Institute, based in Sydney, Australia. Second, the World Economic Forum, located in Davos, Switzerland.

Ranking is made from the safest place to the worst country, based on many factors such as internal conflict, murder rate, political sinstability and terrorist attacks.

Top 10 Safest countries in 2018 ranked by Economic and Peace Institute, Sydney are following:
01. Iceland
02. New Zealand
03. Austria
04. Portugal
05. Denmark
06. Canada
07. Czech Republic
08. Singapore
09. Japan
10. Ireland

If you like to know whether you country included as safe country, please go to this website: Peace Index

Quite surprisingly, Italy (ranked 38) is less safe compared to Botswana (Africa) and Malaysia (South East Asia). Even worst, United Kingdom is ranked 57, much worst than many countries in Africa and Asia.

Moreover, let’s see top 10 countries ranked by World Economic Forum, Davos in 2018:
01. Finland - rating: 6.65
02. UAE - 6.6
03. Iceland - 6.57
04. Oman - 6.49
05. Hong Kong - 6.47
06. Singapore - 6.45
07. Norway - 6.41
08. Switzerland - 6.41
09. Rwanda - 6.39
10. Qatar – 6.33

Un-believable, how come two Middle East and two African countries safer than Scandinavian countries such a Denmark and Sweden, and safer than Australia, New Zealand and Canada? The rank is questionable.

I don’t know whether you agree with the rank or not !

Monday, January 14, 2019

What Place do You Like to See?

Galapagos island, credit to Orange Smile

There are many wonderful places to visit around the globe, they are including historical site, amazing scenery and environments, and rich cultural cities. I myself would like to visit these four places before I reach 60 years old;

1. Galapagos Islands.
If you learn Darwin’s evolution theory, you would know Galapagos Island. The island is belong to Ecuador. UNESCO includes Galpagos as living museum. I would like to observe the very animal diversity that might not be found in other places.

2. Douro valley
UNESCO registered the Douro valley, Portugal as one of world heritage sites in 2001. The area has 2 thousand years history of wine production in Portugal. Brand name “Port wine” is worldwide famous since hundreds years ago. Landscape is very beautiful to reflect its economic, cultural and technology development.

Beauty of Douro valley, Portugal, credit to Portugal Travel Guide

3. Machu Picchu, Peru
Machu Picchu is a fortress made by Incan empire in the mountains of Andes in 15th century in Peru. Abandoned when Spanish came, then rediscovered in 1911. One of impressive creations made by human on the earth. There are around 3 thousands steps to connect series of terraces. 

Machu Picchu, credit to tripadvisor

4. Marrakech, Morocco
The Marrakech, Morocco is cultural rich city. It was imperial city, but now to be one of major economic centers in Morocco. Important city for western Morocco. The city is colorful and home to historical palaces, gardens and mosques.

One of historical buildings in Marrakech, Morocco, credit to Justin Faerman

Finally, what places are on your wish list?

Friday, January 11, 2019

Napa, California has the Lowest Poverty Rate in the America

Napa town, credit to Jason Tinacci

US population is about 326 million recently, but not all are prosperous. Since 1964 until now, the number of citizens under poverty line is the same: 42.6 million people. The policies to reduce poverty seems to fail so far.

Based on percentage, 13.1% American lives below poverty line. It is quite higher compared to other industry nations such as Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Netherland, Czech Republic and even South Korea. USA ranks 13th in the world.

However, there are around 30 cities has lower poverty rate, range from 8.9% to 5.6%. Five cities with lower poverty rates in America are following:
1. Napa, California with poverty rate 5.6%
2. Fairbanks, AK with poverty rate 6.0%
3. Barnstable Town, MA with poverty rate 6.8%
4. Sioux Falls, SD with poverty rate 6.8%
5. Appleton, WI with poverty rate 6.9%

Term poverty or poor refers to annual income of below US$12 thousands for an individual and under US$25 thousands for a family with 4 (four) members.

Napa, California also has a lower unemployment rate, but higher median household income, US$ 86,562 per-year.

Napa is a city with population of 80 thousand people, locates in the Napa county, California. It produces second largest wine in the California. Napa has an excellent temperature during Fall season with range from 14 to 24 celcius degree, thus atrracts many people to come to the city. Many people would like to drink a wine in Napa. Why don’t you try?

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Migration of Pelican from North to American South

Pelican flocks 

Pelican or other birds or other animal migration is routine annual cycle during winter to find warmer paces. The timing may sooner or later depend so much on weather. Snowstorms drive pelican to the south early in November this year.

Pelican or well known as white American pelican lives both in Canada and American north states, include Alberta (Canada) and Wisconsin (USA). The bird is quite big size with wing length reaches to 4 m and weight to 15 kg. 

Due to its size, pelicans able to fly thousand miles to reach American south such as Texas, Louisiana and Florida, and even to far south, Mexico.

Swimming and feeding.

In addition to cold temperature during winter, other reason for pelicans to migrate are finding foods, breeding and finding nursery grounds. Pelicans mainly eat fish called as fish eater bird. They also consume crayfish, and sometimes to eat salamanders and other smaller birds.

During migration in the south, they easily seen in the lake, valley and coastal areas. Pelican lays eggs in the Gulf of Mexico areas. Egg sizes length is 8.5 cm and with 3.5 cm with incubation period is around 1 month (30 days).

The young pelican learns to fly at age 30 days. After 10 weeks, they follow the adults to emigrate to the north, their own habitat. The cycle of migration re-start next coming year. 

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Camel Could Exist in the Temperate Zone

Camel under falling snow, credit to Kelli Bender

Many of us know that camels live in the desert, hot middle east region. People in the Philadelphia, USA saw camel was roaming on the side of highway while snowstorm by this week (November 15, 2018).

Snow camel, named Einstein wish to go to an event, but he (his escort) was quite confused because of heavy snow, stuck on the road for a while. Then the owner, Jewish Federation of Philadelphia decided to sent back Einstein to his home, “Peaceable Kingdom Petting Zoo.”

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Drivers who are passing by took pictures and videos, shared into social medias (tweeters and Facebook), then to be “breaking news” of all news stations in the Philadelphia: “camel could live in the colder area”   

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Hay Stacks in the Small Farmer Market

Look heavier stacks of hay

I know that hay is food for livestock such as cows, horses and sheep in the winter or during long drought. But, I just get new knowledge that other function of hay stacks is for erosion control or for landscaping called as a straw hay.

Hay for food has two types: lighter and heavier, but both fairly cheap in respect for price. The heavier ones contain higher protein. In addition to nutritious value, people look for dryness of hay. 

Lighter hay

Dryness relates to quality, since wet hay means easy to be destroyed or rotten by mold. To be easy to be dried and stored, many people choose round than square bales. Round bales also easier to wrap with plastic. 

I saw in the small farmer market not in great number of hay stacks, may be not sold for farmers or ranchers, but for individuals who feed their pets such as rabbit and deer or for decoration purposes only. 

I found square hay only, no round bales. The size might be 40 pounds (20 kg), not that big and heavy. It is might be due to storage capacity of market.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Creating Halloween Decorations for Fun

A doll with pumpkin head

We usually make Halloween decorations at the end of September until second of October every year, but we do little late for this year. We have made not scary things, just dolls and little things with pumpkins for fun purposes. 

Picture on the top is a girl with small pumpkin face and head, blonde hair and sitting on the crafted pumpkin. Dressing looks very simply. The doll are sitting at the corner of indoor house.  

Table decoration

We use plastic pumpkins and autumn maple leaves for Table decoration. As we know that Maple was used to force back the attacks of devil and demon spirits. Now days, maple leaves are symbol of peace, tolerance and unity (especially in Canada).

Decoration is hung at backdoor

The last photo is just decoration, not really special for backdoor. By the way, we do have Jack O Lantern Halloween. 

Happy Halloween to all of you.  

Is Your Country Safe to Live?

Iceland, credit to Kolla and Jóhanna At least, there are two institutes measure the peace index to conclude whether one particular ...