Friday, May 10, 2019

What Fruit Do You Like?

Avocado and strawberry

Two of my most favorite fruits are avocado and strawberry. Both fruits have plenty of health benefits.

Avocado is not sweet, but little bit bitter for me. Some people said the taste is delicate and mild butter like.

We all know about strawberry, some sweet, many mild, but no bitter strawberry. Many product, especially for kids are strawberry like tastes.

We slice avocado, then blended it with milk or we drizzle milk over the avocado, condensed milk. It is processed milk without water. Sugar is added to make milk to be sweeten.

People use condensed milk for things such as baking bread, sweetened coffee, tea and other drinks, and other purposes.

In case of strawberry, we always blend with whipped cream to make sweeter. The whipped is usually used for topping pies, fruits and cakes.

Walmart sells “reddi wip” brand for whipped cream. We loyal for this brand, used for more than 10 years. Brand produced by ConAgra Foods company.

What Fruit Do You Like? Do you know avocado?

Sunday, April 21, 2019

What are Spring Flowers in Our Neighborhood?

Green shrubs

Many kinds of flowers in our neighborhood in this spring. I recognized only few, some of them are following:
2. Marigold
3. Magbolia
4. Azelea

I have seen many shrubs around neighborhoods, two dominants are green and yellow shrubs. We have green ones in our backyard.


Due to colorful flowers, Marigold is attractive for me during late spring, summer and fall. Landscape looks beautiful

It is said that Marigolds die in the late fall. If they have left seed, then the flowers grow back in the spring.

If we never have marigolds or killed by extreme low temperature in our yards, the flowers are easy to grow and not that expensive.


Magnolia is easy to see in my neighborhood, since the tree is quite taller than other flower plants.

When magnolia blooming, it is a sign of spring for me. The flower bloom in spring to summer, February to June every year

The white flower is fragrance, I smell like tart lemon and citrus honey. This flower to be symbol of Louisiana and Mississippi states.

Look like yellow shrubs

The “yellow” shrub looks like “dying,” actually not, in my opinion. The color not really “yellow,” seem little bit brown (light cream).

White Azalea

Azalea has three dominant colors, they are red, pink and white. I love the white one. The flower is blooming in short period only, no more than 4 weeks during spring season.

What kind of flowers grow in your neighborhood this spring and summer?

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

What are Tempe Health Benefits?

Sliced of Tempe

Tempe or Tempeh is fermented cooked soybean, one of Indonesia traditional foods. It is believed Tempe has many health benefits, some of them are:

1. Help to reduce cholesterol
2. Maintain blood sugar
3. Improve bone health
4. Reduce heart diseases risk
5. Improve metabolism

Tempe sold in the USA market

Since Tempe contains niacin, omega 3 and 6, and polyunsaturated fat thus able to lower heart diseases risk include heart attacks.

Vitamin B-12 in Tempe has function relate to red blood cell in our body, it is believe that the vitamin could improve metabolism of red blood and essential for production of red blood.

Tempe contains isoflavones which one of it functions to lower cholesterol levels in our blood. The study showed that Tempe is better than animal resources to manage cholesterol levels.

Manganese in Tempe could be able to manage blood sugar in the body, and thus fight diabetes. Mangan ese is compound to stimulate process called gluconeogenesis. The process is important to maintain blood sugar in normal level.

Tempe could improve bone healt due to calcium in its. Calcium with other mineral and vitamin prevent the bone (include tetth) from fracture and weak.

Have you seen Tempe sold in the market or Whole Foods market?

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Are Cage Free Eggs Healthier than Regular Ones?

Regular and cage free eggs

I like the taste and flavor of cage free eggs than regular ones. Some people said the cage free eggs is the healthiest eggs, the other said no (nutritional) differences of two. It is required that all groceries in the USA must sell cage free eggs by 2025.

A cage free hen is not mean that hens are roaming in the grass field or a huge place. However, the hens are much more better live in the huge cage, hence, hens have good live than confined ones.

White or regular eggs packed

Advantages of cage free hens are following:
1) Consume organic feed
2) No antibiotics
3) No or less exposure to pesticides

In addition, cage free hens lives in housing system are able to stretch their wings, run around and lay eggs in the nest. But, they might not access to outdoor. 

Cage free eggs packed

In term of price, sure, cage free eggs much more expensive than confined hen’s eggs. The price could be double or more. I found US$ 1.26 for 12 regular eggs, while 12 cage free eggs are US$ 2.96.

Have you tried cage free eggs? What do you think?

Friday, March 22, 2019

What are Advantages of Pink Salt Compared to Regular Salt?

Pink salt with coarse and finer sizes

Pink salt is quite popular recently, especially for teenagers. I don’t know the real reasons, for sure that the salt has attractive color (pink) and come from far away, Himalayan Mountains. It also called as Himalayan salt. Pink color is due to concentration of iron oxide in the salt.

Since it has higher demands in the market, the price of pink salt to be expensive than regular ones. It is said that pink salt is the cleanest salt in the planet, contain less sodium, and used for variety purposes include to cook (culinary uses), preserve meat and fish, and therapeutic purposes.

Pink salt in the bottles

Some advantages of pink salt are following:
# Used as sleep inducer because pink salt contains more mineral (up to 84 kind minerals).

# Could improve digestive problem by harmonize (balance) stomach acid and regulate metabolism.

# Pink salt contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory which could clean up mucus in respiratory system, thus solve respiratory problems.

People in Asian countries believed that pink salt has many health benefits. Have you tried pink salt ever?

Friday, March 15, 2019

How can We Make Flower’s Vase from Coconut Shell and Husk?

Several vases and cactus

We eat the white flesh and drink juice (water) of coconut, especially young ones. Coconut oil and shrewd coconut flesh are among processed coconut that sold commercially worldwide. Shell could be transformed to charcoal, and many shell together with husk are coconut by products.

Cactus in the coconut vase

Many crafts can be made of coconut shell or and husk, some of them are bowls, cups, plates, Santa Claus heads and many more.

We use coconut shells and husks to make flower vase. It is easy, we just saw the upper part of shell and husk. Then, inserted with plastic bowl. We fill the bowl with soil, and plant the flowers, in this case cactus. You may plant any kind of flowers

The vases and cactus could be seen at above pictures.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

How Many Types of Storage Shed?

Storage is sold by the Retailer

Some people build their own storage, other just buy it from retailers. Sure, the original function is to pack and store extra items, includes boxes and garden tools.

There are many types of storage sheds, some of them are:
-For playing around
-For doing simple working
-For temporary staying
-For entertaining guests

Good place for working

It is safe place as a playhouse for kids. No worry to get injured or even lost when children play in the storage. It also can be decorated like an office for working outside main house.

In addition to a play around and a working place, storage can be a temporary sweet home. To make more convenient some items such as a mini book shelve, a desk and chairs. Finally, storage might be for entertaining guests. The room be rearranged for guests drinks.

Do you have a storage? What type of storage do you have?

What Fruit Do You Like?

Avocado and strawberry Two of my most favorite fruits are avocado and strawberry. Both fruits have plenty of health benefits. ...