Thursday, September 12, 2019

Does Food Insecurity Exist among American College Students?

A college cafeteria, illustration only

I knew campus life is tough for many students, include me when I was in college. In respect to money, I depend very much on a tiny scholarship and parents.

What surprise me, the fact even worse in American colleges in recent days.

Percentage of students faces with food insecurity is quite higher at both two and four year colleges across America:
- 25% of two years college
- 20% of four years college

Hence, 1 in 4 or 1 in 5 of college students are hungry. In term of number that million of students don’t have money to buy meal to consume.

For comparison that 13% of American experiences with hungry on daily live. Homeless is the worst.

In extreme conditions, portion of students even skip from eating for some times because of hard financial situation.

Illustration of college students in the room

There are plenty reasons lead to food insecurity for college students, few are:
- spending on high cost of colleges (tuition, books and other relate costs)
- difficult to find part time jobs for no extra money.
- financial aids, and even student loans are not enough to cover relate costs to higher education.

This issue might lead to students difficulty to pursue their degree, and even they tend to drop out the school.

Hope, relevant agencies and legislators (federal and state levels), and even schools to find ways to reduce hungry in the colleges. 

Monday, September 2, 2019

Why I Like Mexican Foods of Burritos and Fajita?

Chicken Fajita

Americans called many foods as Mexican foods, but, actually no such foods (tastes) are sold in the Mexico.

I love many Mexican foods that are available in the USA market only, some of them are:
- Chicken Fajita
- Burritos

Originally, fajitas were made with steak. We may consume fajitas with chicken (breast) or shrimp. Usually, served with the following items:
- crisp peppers
- sweet onions
- flour tortillas
- cheese
- sour cream
- lettuce

One type of Burritos in America

Burritos is more famous in USA than Mexico. You may find this food in the northern part of Mexico only which off course differ from American burritos.

Burritos in Mexico look like Taco in America. Uniquely, we found burritos with Korea, Chinese, Japan and Thailand tastes, here in the USA.

Burritos are commonly filling with:
- meats
- cheese
- vegetables
- salsas

Other variation of burritos is filling with eggs and potatoes for breakfast.

Why I Like Mexican Foods of Burritos and Fajita? The foods are served with plenty of choices: many variations and many different tastes.

Have you tasted burritos and fajitas or any Mexican foods?

Friday, August 23, 2019

Why People Could Get Parkinson’s Diseases?

A Parkinson’s Diseases patient (Michael J Fox Foundation)

It is estimated that around 1 million people got Parkinson’s diseases in the USA. The number increase around 60 thousand people per year.

The diseases is disturbance of physical movement due to nervous system disorder. The simple signs could be:

- tremor of hands (first tremor at one hand)
- difficult to physical movement
- no expression of face
- soft speak

In many cases, patient with Parkinson's diseases getting worse over time, even quicker if no medication at all.

A Parkinson diseases face (The Michael J. Fox Foundation).

No cure, and neither the exactly cause known. However, there is relationship between age and Parkinson’s diseases.

The older got more diseases than younger ones. Not surprising that Parkinson’s diseases is second place after aging relate diseases, Alzheimer's.

The second diseases after Alzheimer’s in term of total patient number and rate of diagnosed people per year.

Thus, both Parkinson’s and Alzheimer's have the same biggest risk factor for diseases development that is “aging.”

The question then Why people could get Parkinson’s diseases? The answer may be:
1. People getting old. Older ages vulnerable to the diseases.
2. Aging causes neuron dies which has function to control movement.

Very sad that around 26 cases in 100,000 population are diagnosed per year in the last 3 decades.

Since life expectancy is longer than previous decades, it is common to find Parkinson’s diseases in a population in industry countries in recent years.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Do you Want Free Flight for this Month?

An air plane, just for illustration

Yes, you can get free flight from airline company called “Frontier.” Off course not every body can get free ticket.

Who can get free flight? If your last names are following:
- Green
- Greene

The free flight for this month only, it is because the flight celebrating its program to reduce carbon emission.

This “green” program have several achievement so far, few of them are:
- leads company to have “more fuel efficient” than others.
- using compost-able materials for cups
- creating napkins from recycled substances
- using stir sticks made of bamboo.

Checking area of Frontier airline

Yes, my last name is Green or Greene, but my following close families are not:
- spouse
- parents
- children
- siblings

Can all of them get free flight?

No, if your close families are not have “green or greene” in their last name, thus they can’t have free flight from the Frontier airline.

In case you don’t know that the Frontier airline is “ultra low-cost carrier.” The flights destinations:
- 100 destinations in the USA
- 6 destinations to outside USA

By the way, do you have last name of Green or Greene? Good luck.

Friday, August 2, 2019

A Little Cute Colorful Cactus in the Summer Season

Yellow and red cacti

I saw quite a great number of colorful cacti sold in the nursery stores or sections of super malls in my city.

It is called as moon cactus. Small and perfect to put on the tables such as study tables.

This is a mutant cactus, where lack of chlorophyll causes colorful of cacti such as:
- yellow
- red
- orange
- pink

Moon cacti inserted onto chlorophyll’s cacti

To survive, the moon cactus was inserted onto green cactus which has chlorophyll, usually species of Hylocereus cactus.

As we know that chlorophyll absorbs energy from light to conduct photosynthesis. In the process, a plant combines water and carbon dioxide to form sugar (glucose).

Several colorful cacti

Moon cacti come from Southern America, brought and sold in the USA market. Quite popular in the USA.

Price from US$ 3 to US$ 5 each, depend very much on color, size and age.

What color of moon cactus do you like?

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Can Mosquitoes be Exterminated on the Earth?

A mosquito for illustration

Human killed by Mosquitoes is estimated 1 million per year worldwide. Almost half million death due to malaria.

WHO (World Health Organization) reported that mosquitoes affect on billion of people with diseases spread by them.

There are 3500 species of mosquitoes, but not all risk to human health. Some deadly diseases caused by mosquitoes:

- malaria
- Yellow Fever
- Zika Virus
- West Nile Virus
- Encephalitis
- Chikungunya Virus
- Dengue Fever

The question: Can Mosquitoes be exterminated on the earth? The answer is YES. Then, how?

A mosquito in action

The mosquitoes are difficult to be eliminated by traditional methods such as:
- using pesticides
- destroying habitat where mosquitoes are laying their eggs.

Method by using genetic know how was conducted in 2018. This method was initiated by scientists from UK.

The scientists sterile female mosquitoes to reduce their reproduction ability, while males are developing genetic mutation.

Further research then developed by a Chinese scientist with his associates. They treat mosquitoes by doing:
- Sterilized the target areas of female mosquitoes
- Infected the male mosquitoes by bacteria

These mosquitoes then be released to the specific locations (two islands).

Surprisingly, female mosquito almost extinct. Mosquito population reduce very much. The population reach to nearly zero.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Sweet Mango is Good to Eat in the Summer

Yellow is indicating of sweetness

We could find ripe mangoes in many groceries in southern states of America from spring to summer.

Price is quite lower during summer. Discounted may reach to 50% or more. We get a good bargain if we buy several boxes. A box contains a dozen or more.

This fruit is juicy and sweet. The taste depends on variety, some are:
- a tart like taste
- lemon like taste
- sweetness, acid or sour or combined

Mango is very popular in Asia and South East Asian countries. It seems that getting popular in America.

Mango consumption in the USA, from 2000 to 2017

Statistic showed that consumption of mango per capita is steadily increase from 2000 to 2017.

Average American consumed mango 1.75 pound in 2000, then increase almost double in 2017, 3.21 pound per year.

Ready to consume

Mango textures like its taste, varied on its cultivars. Few are:
- soft textures
- firmer like avocado and cantaloupe textures
- pulpy like a plum (an overripe plum) texture
- a fibrous texture.

Have you tasted mango? If so, do you like it?

Does Food Insecurity Exist among American College Students?

A college cafeteria, illustration only I knew campus life is tough for many students, include me when I was in college. In respect...