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Could Drink Coffee reduce risk of Parkinson’s diseases? – Parkinson’s Diseases 4

Nondrinker coffee have higher incidence rate of Parkinson’s diseases
(credit to faculty. washington)

Researchers from Hawaii observed who drinks a lot of coffee had lower incidence rate of Parkinson's diseases.

The observations on more than 8 thousand people for 30 years was divided in five categories as shown at above graph:
- Non drinkers
- drink 4 to 8 oz of coffee per day
- drink 12 to 16 oz of coffee per day
- drink 20 to 24 oz of coffee per day
- drink 28 oz or more of coffee per day

The finding showed also that other drinks did not likely to contribute to Parkinson’s diseases. The drinks which contain caffeine are:
- Chocolate
- Black tea
- Green tea
- Cola drinks
- Mountain Dew
- Dr. Pepper

A cup of black coffee (without sugar)

The question then: How drink coffee could reduce risk of Parkinson’s diseases?

Coffee contains caffeine which include in chemical members called as Xanthine. In the brain, Xanthine is equal to Adenosine.

General speaking, If Adenosine increase in the brain, then, arousal or wakefulness will be promoted.

On the opposite, if Adenosine binds to its receptor, we will feel sleepiness. It is because:
- nerve cell activities are slowing down
- oxygen are dilated (more oxygen during we are sleeping)

In respect to Parkinson’s diseases, if Adenosine block its receptor, the dopamine of neurotransmitter will increase.

Increasing of dopamine level is believed to lower risk to get Parkinson’s diseases.

Relation of dopamine and Parkinson’s diseases may be read in my previous post (How Neuron Cells Affect on Parkinson’s Diseases?

Saturday, November 23, 2019

What are the Safest Countries to Travel by Next Year?

Aarhus, Denmark

Many institutions, international organizations or travel companies released their assessments for safest or dangerous countries every year.

The countries risk could change based on many factors, include violence and diseases. A travel company, international SOS just released safest and dangerous countries for travel by 2020.

The safest countries to travel for next year dominated by prosperous or industries countries, they are:
- Denmark
- Finland
- Iceland
- Norway
- Sweden
- Slovenia
- Luxembourg
- Switzerland
- Canada

Many the most dangerous countries to visit by 2020 are developing or even under on going civil war.

I myself not consider to visit these following countries:
- Afghanistan
- Somalia
- Syria
- Haiti
- Venezuela
- Libya
- Iraq
- Yemen
- Papua New Guinea
- Part of Egypt

Have you planned to travel by 2020? Where do you like to visit?

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

What Animals are Living Longer than Human?

Galapagos giant tortoise (credit to tripadvisor)

As you might know that France, Jeanne Calment was the longest human ever lived on earth. She reached 122 years and 164 days old (1875 to 1997).

The record said the average of longest people lifespan is about 110 years. However, people in many developing countries live average is 70 years and even lower in certain countries.

How about with animals? At least, there are 4 kinds of animals live longer than human:
- Galapagos giant tortoise
- Bowhead whales
- Greenland shark
- Ocean quahog

Galapagos giant tortoise (Chelonoidis nigra) extends to 152 years old, live in the Galapagos island. 

Ocean quahog, credit to Animal New York

Charles Darwin mentioned the tortoise and the island in his famous theory of evolution. The tortoise is called giant because its weight around 919 pound (417 kg). Much bigger than other tortoises.

The second longest lifespan animal is Bowhead whale (Balaena mysticetus). This marine mammal lifespan is 200 years.

They are found in arctic ocean with size of 100 ton weight and 18 m length. Recorded as the fifth biggest mammal in the ocean.

Greenland shark (Somniosus microcephalus) age is about the same age with Bowhead whale, 200 years old.

The one reason is that the shark slows growth of 1 cm per year and reach maturity at 100 years old.

Clam, ocean quahog (Arctica islandica) is considered as the longest lifespan animal on the earth. It reached 507 years old.

Finally, how old you wish to live?

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Why is Whale Shark not a Mammal but a Fish?

A Whale Shark and a diver (credit to Premium Vacations)

As we know, whale is a mammal with some distinct characteristics:
- has bones (back bone)
- the largest marine animal on earth (could reach 100 tons)
- warm blooded, able to regulate temperature in their body
- breathe using lung (swim up surface to catch oxygen)
- spare hairs on the body
- give birth, and feed (milk) the youngs

Shark is a fish, like other fishes have common following features:
- cold blooded, body temperature depend on environment
- breathe using gills
- no hair on body
- shark is largest fish, but smaller than whale (shark 2 ton, while whale is 100 tons)
- have no bones, but cartilage.

Different of Whale Shark and Shark (credit to YouTube)

I think that we understand the different between whale and shark. We might have a question: why is there animal which living in the ocean called as “whale shark?”

The reasons that this shark called as “whale shark,” it has similarity with Whale in terms of:
- both filter feeder
- have single tail as propelling force.
- both have a dorsal fin

However, a Whale Shark is a shark, not a whale, not combine of shark and whale. Just shark.

Moreover, the Whale Shark was known to live in tropical oceans, surprisingly, Whale Shark was reported in Florida recently, and even to be believed to swimming up to the New York beach.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

How to Manage the Parkinson Diseases?

Illustration of A Parkinson’s diseases patient
(credit to fitnespic.pw).

We know some diseases such as fever, heart diseases, few STD (sexual transmitted diseases) and even cancers can be cured.

However, many diseases are challenging to be treated and totally cured, included:
- Parkinson’s diseases
- Alzheimer diseases
- Aids/HIV
- Asthma
- Diabetes
- Huntington's disease
- multiple sclerosis.

Even though we can not cure Parkinson’s diseases, but we could control the diseases by medication and manage the diseases by lifestyle changes.

Lifestyle, just for illustration (credit to Natural Solution for Parkinson)

We talk about lifestyle for this post, and medication to control Parkinson’s diseases in the next article.

Some lifestyle changes may help Parkinson’s patients:
- Educate themselves through counseling.
- Improve quality life through physically actives
- Healthy diets include drink green tea, consume supplements of vitamin C and E.

In term of education, partner in addition to patient should know that Parkinson’s is chronic diseases. It is progress over time. Patients and families should know the best way to manage the diseases.

There are several good physical activities for Parkinson’s patients. It is believe that biking, treadmill and yoga shown great benefit to improve patient strength.

Foods well known to maintain excellent health are:
- vegetables
- fruits
- whole grains
- milk
- dairy products

Finally, above lifestyle could delay or slowdown the diseases. The result proved pretty good.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Where are the Best Islands to Visit in the World?

Flatey Island, Iceland (credit to Pinterest)

Many institutions include travel agencies, newspapers and travel magazines conducted survey to enlist top islands or places to be visited each year.

Recently, Big 7 travel asked its readers to rank 50 islands in the world. Surprisingly, Flatey island, Iceland is on the top.

Top 10 of the best islands are following:
- Flatey island, Iceland
- Palawan island, Philippines
- Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu
- Sommaroy island, Norway
- Korcula, Croatia
- The Aran island, Ireland
- Pemba island, Zanzibar
- Barbados
- Lummi island, Washington, USA
- Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Puffin birds (credit to Fiveprime)

Moreover, the Flatey island, Iceland has no car at all and 6 permanent residents only, but thousand of birds.

The island is so small, 1.6 miles (2.5 km) length size and 1.1 miles (1.7 km) width size. The highest point is about 72 feet (22 m). 

Church (credit to Flickr)

Most of 37 bird species in Iceland is living in the Flatey, a small island. The home and breeding ground of birds are on the highest point of the island.

Several important birds include:
- puffins
- terns
- whimbrels
- plovers

Birds together with historical building that are the oldest library in the Iceland and Church attracted thousand tourists to come during summer seasons.

The visitors from near by countries have reached 9,000 in the 2017.

Have you visited any small islands in your or other countries? What do you think?

Thursday, October 3, 2019

How Big is a Giant Squid in the Deep Sea?

The squid (credit to MentalFloss).

We may find squids in seafood market or Asian Market across America with 9 to 13 inches (0.23 to 0.33 meter) long size and about 1 pound averages.

These normal size squids are delicious dishes or calamari, eaten in many countries from Asia to Mediterranean countries.

How about with giant squid? I never heard people eat giant squids.

You might watch about a diver swim close to a giant squid, broadcast by a TV channel recently.

A Japanese swimmer took a video of 12 feet (4 m) giant squid in Japan’s water. It is the second time of a kind of squid appeared in Japan.

The squid is believed belong to genus Architeuthis with at least 8 different species. They are:
- Architeuthis dux
- Architeuthis hartingii
- Architeuthis japonica
- Architeuthis kirki
- Architeuthis martensi
- Architeuthis physeteris
- Architeuthis sancipauli
- Architeuthis stockii

Deep sea squid (credit to JSTOR Daily).

Of 8 species, three of them are important:
- Architeuthis dux, come from Atlantic ocean
- Architeuthis martensi, come from North Pasific
- Architeuthis martensi, come from Southern ocean.

The giant squids are living in the deep ocean. They can reach much longer size compared to what Japanese found few months ago.

As recorded, the largest squid is 43 feet (14 m) long and 1 ton weight size. A quite bigger animal, and one of largest animal on earth.

Have you eaten squids or seen squid in nature?

Could Drink Coffee reduce risk of Parkinson’s diseases? – Parkinson’s Diseases 4

Nondrinker coffee have higher incidence rate of Parkinson’s diseases (credit to faculty. washington) Researchers from Hawaii obs...